Time for CHANGE

For years, Watertown Schools have settled for comparing ourselves to the state average.  So long as we were at or just a little above state average for student performance, this was "Excellence for All".  Average is not good enough!  Watertown deserves better.  Our students are capable of much more than "average".  Working together, we can reach new heights.

High Expectations

Achieving more starts with higher expectations.  When students expect more of themselves, great things happen.  Our job as a school district and a community is to inspire them to expect more of themselves.  Let's commit to no "rebuilding" years - we should expect every year to be a Super Bowl year.  When you expect great things, great things happen.

Build for Growth

Watertown offers more programs, from science and technology to the arts, than most districts in the state.  We have more diverse opportunities at every grade level than most districts.  These programs can drive growth for the schools.  They can attract students from around the area, and with our "eCampus", from the whole state.  These new students will bring state funding with them.  They will help shift the burden of paying for our schools.

Let the Teachers Teach

Too much of what goes on in a classroom today is a distraction from what should be happening: teaching and learning.  There are countless state and federal mandates.  And every year brings a new set of "ideas" from "experts".  We need to do the "blocking and tackling" of state and federal mandates so our teachers can focus on what doing what they do best: teaching.  And we need to stop adopting whatever the flavor of the day is in the education "industry".  Focus on what's really important - reading, math, critical thinking, a love of learning.  Our teachers are the experts in teaching those - we just need to let them teach.

VOTE for Tony Arnett for Watertown School Board